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Liz Stavrinides is a critically-acclaimed photographer and author of Miracle Dogs and Extraordinary Dogs. In addition to also photographing people, architecture, and interiors, Liz has particularly combined two of her greatest passions in life—her love for animals and photography—into a meaningful career. Unleashing her creative eye in the studio and on location, Liz exclusively uses FUJIFILM X and GFX Series cameras. Her work has been published and exhibited widely, including Forbes, Modern Dog/Cat Magazine, Coastal Canine, Pebble Beach Magazine, FujiLove and Carmel Magazine. Monde, meaning “world” in French, is an orb located near the top of a crown. It represents, as the name suggests, the world that the monarch rules. It is the point at which a crown’s half arches meet. I believe all dogs should be treated like monarchs and revered  highly in our lives.